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Integrated Risk Management Solution

Accelerate Business Performance with Risk-Informed Decisions


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improvement in risk reporting visibility and efficiency for the executive management and board

Governance, risk, and compliance solutions


cost savings in risk assessment and related processes

Integrated risk management software solutions


improvement in risk and control framework related operational efficiency

Gain Forward-Looking Risk Insights with Predictive Risk Metrics and Indicators

The MetricStream Integrated Risk Management solution empowers your organization to manage both current and emerging risks across multiple risk categories, including geopolitical, digital, strategic, third-party, cybersecurity, and compliance. Built on the MetricStream Platform, the solution cuts across organizational silos by standardizing risk and control taxonomies, centralizing risk libraries, and enabling stakeholders to effectively coordinate and unify risk management activities across all business functions. Effectively align your assurance programs and gain comprehensive visibility into both risk exposure and relationships. Deliver deeper visibility and understanding of risk inter-linkages, interdependencies, and their impact on business performance, strengthen resilience, enhance agility, and empower risk-aware decision making in an increasingly interconnected risk landscape.

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  Gain Forward-Looking Risk Insights with Predictive Risk Metrics and Indicators

How Our Integrated Risk Management Solution Helps You

How Our Integrated Risk Management Solution Helps You How Our Integrated Risk Management Solution Helps You

Enhance Risk Visibility with an Integrated Approach to Risk Management

Implement an integrated approach that cuts across siloes and delivers risk insights to make better business decisions. Gain foresight of risks across functions including compliance, IT, audit, legal, finance, and operations. Address enterprise and operational risk with a structured and collaborative approach that enables risk-informed business decisions.

Keep Compliance Risks and Fines at Bay

Reduce the cost of compliance by proactively assessing and managing compliance risks. Stay on top of regulatory requirements with strong policy governance to build regulators’ and the board’s trust. Proactively manage all issues, incidents and cases related to compliance.

Safeguard Your Business from Cyber Risks

Automate and enhance cyber governance with real-time visibility into your overall IT and cyber risk posture, ensure compliance with cyber regulations, and monitor vendors for cybersecurity risks.

Strengthen Extended Ecosystem by Effectively Managing Third and Fourth-Party Risks

Prevent and respond better to third-party risk incidents and enable business continuity through quick and intelligent risk insights. Gain a comprehensive visibility into third and fourth-party risks throughout their lifecycle - from onboarding to offboarding.

Streamline Your Assurance Program with Risk-Based Internal Audits

Drive an agile and risk-based internal audit and financial controls management program that is aligned with your overarching risk management framework and business strategy. Leverage AI capabilities to quickly sift through data to mine insights.

Effectively Manage Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risks

Centrally manage ESG disclosure requirements of multiple ESG frameworks, including GRI, SASB, and TCFB with standard questionnaires that equip you to collect data only once. Identify disclosure gaps and ESG issues and automate issue creation on threshold breaches. Track and monitor ESG metrics and trends and enable periodic assessments of third -parties and suppliers.

How Our Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Software Solution Benefits You

  • Drive agility in risk-based decision-making by providing a single view of the top risks faced across the three lines of defense
  • Enhance operational efficiency by reducing the cycle time and costs of risk assessments
  • Improve the maturity of the risk management program by establishing consistent risk processes, methods, and classifications across the three lines of defense
  • Accelerate business performance and growth by aligning risk metrics to performance indicators based on key strategic initiatives
Integrated Risk

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