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The MetricStream Platform

Empowering Organizations to Transform Risk Into a Strategic Advantage

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The MetricStream Platform

The MetricStream Platform is a simple, purpose-built platform proven with over a million global users and designed to meet Integrated Risk, Compliance, Audits and CyberSecurity needs across industries. The platform is powered by deep domain expertise, embedded content, rich context, integrated data, and explainable AI that provides a scalable foundation and the building blocks for the present and future needs of organizations. An intuitive user experience accelerates adoption across the organization by harnessing frontline intelligence and enabling stakeholders to make real-time, risk-aware business decisions.

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  The MetricStream Platform


users across the globe deriving integrated risks insights.

Business Value Delivered

  • The MetricStream Platform empowers organizations to address evolving business and market needs and accelerate decision making with contextual, real-time intelligence delivered through advanced reports and analytics.
  • A single, integrated, interconnected data model unites data, removes friction between functional silos, and serves as a single source of truth for real-time, risk-aware decision making.
  • The unique AppStudio provides the capability to simplify configuration and extension of products to meet changing business requirements.
Key Features
Federated Data Model

Leverage a centralized federated data model with pre-defined relationships across risks, regulations, assets, controls, organizational entities, processes, issues, and more.

Accelerates the creation, extension, and configuration of products on the MetricStream Platform, empowering you to adopt an extensible architecture.

Easily integrate multiple third party systems with out-of-the-box Business APIs; configure new APIs that are OpenAPI compliant using standard interfaces.
Artificial Intelligence

Leverage predictive intelligence and semantic search to make your risk, compliance, audit, and cybersecurity programs more intelligent.
Continuous Control Monitoring

Automate evidence collection at scale, and gain total coverage against limited sampling in manual assessments.
Intuitive Reports and Analytics

Leverage built-in analytical dashboards & reports with rich visualizations for real-time insights, or leverage your existing BI tools.
Multi-dimensional Org Structure

Easily map your corporate hierarchy, geographies, and business units or divisions to your risk and compliance information.
Internationalization and Localization

Support for multiple languages, currencies, timezones helps adoption across geographies.
MetricStream Platform

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