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Telecom Industry

Mitigate Cyber Risk, Strengthen Compliance, and Ensure Resilience


Telecom Industry

Measure Your Program Outcomes

  • 90%
  • reduction in time taken to manage compliance activities

  • 37%
  • cost saving in cyber risk assessment and related processes

  • 67%
  • improvement in visibility of risk due to efficient reporting

Source: Based on MetricStream customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator
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Deepen Risk and Compliance Visibility and Streamline Processes

Multiple challenges such as the heightened risk environment, regulatory and compliance pressures, and increasing privacy and security incidents, are continuing to impact telecommunications service providers. 5G and the upcoming 6G will bring in additional compliance requirements that require connected risk and compliance programs. MetricStream software enables telecom organizations to adopt a connected approach to enterprise and cyber risk management programs, ensuring compliance against the myriad of regulations, while reducing risk incidents. Automate risk and compliance assessments from one central location, enabling 360-degree view of risk and compliance posture. Quickly prioritize risk mitigation actions and centrally manage policy and compliance activities.

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How MetricStream Software Solutions Help You

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Proactively Strengthen Cyber Risk and Resilience

Get a real-time view of risks across the enterprise and quantify risks in monetary terms. Enable decisions at speed with a single risk score and the weighing up of the costs of different risk strategies. Leverage the integrated solution comprising of cyber risk, cyber compliance, vendor risk, policy, cyber risk quantification, and threat and vulnerability management to simplify data aggregation from internal and external systems, provide capabilities to assess and mitigate risks, and effectively manage compliance requirements.

Streamline Integrated Risk Management

Turn the multiple types of risks faced by your organization into a strategic advantage with an integrated approach to risk management. Gain better risk visibility by automating and integrating various risk management processes that are critical for telecom organizations. Gain a real-time aggregated view of risks across the organization. Automate and optimize risk identification, assessment, management, and risk mitigation and drive risk-informed decisions to ensure that there is effective management of current and emerging risks.

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Effectively Manage Third-Party Risk

Effectively manage the risks associated with third parties and gain a wide range of benefits including significant monetary gains and greater competitive advantage. Gain end-to-end third-party risk management functionality to automate information gathering, onboarding, risk and compliance assessments, real-time monitoring, risk mitigation and offboarding. Reduce risk exposure by proactively managing third parties. Save time, improve efficiencies, gain real-time insights into risk posture, and use the intelligence to make smart business decisions.

Regulatory compliance MSI 4
Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Effectively manage the constantly changing regulatory requirements and adhere to compliance requirements of governing bodies such as the FCC, CTIA, and NCTA. Track and manage changing regulatory obligations, implement policies to ensure compliance, perform compliance assessments, and perform control testing to understand compliance posture. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time strategizing through optimizing internal resources and aligning policies, standards, controls, and regulations to eliminate inefficiencies.

How MetricStream Benefits Your Business

  • Gain real-time visibility into cyber risks and threat exposure as well as mitigation measures through risk quantification and contextual risk information from across processes and assets
  • Build confidence with regulators and executive management by demonstrating a robust, enterprise-level approach to risk, compliance management and business resilience
  • Improve risk driven decision-making and gain forward looking risk visibility across the enterprise
  • Proactively manage third party risks by automating onboarding, due diligence, continuous monitoring, off-boarding and more

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