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MetricStream Intelligence

Transform Your Risk and Compliance Programs with AI


AI-Powered Recommendations for Risk and Compliance

MetricStream Intelligence is a flexible analytics and AI engine that encompasses multiple calculation engines, AI/ML, and data science capabilities. AI is an integral component of the MetricStream Platform, deployed and operationalized using cloud-first practices, and can be used to build any model or automate any GRC use case. MetricStream Intelligence currently offers pre-built AI-powered recommendations to transform and automate GRC processes. It automatically provides key recommendations to users based on the historical patterns, so that organizations can further improve user experience and drive intelligent decision making.

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  AI-Powered Recommendations for Risk and Compliance

Transform your risk and compliance programs with MetricStream Intelligence

Business Value Delivered

  • Faster and accurate AI-powered remediations for issues
  • Improved accuracy of searching policies based on searcher’s intent and not just on specified keywords or search text
  • Enhanced efficiency of triage team with AI-powered recommendations to classify observations
  • Effective third-party risk management with AI-powered risk scoring of third parties
Key Features
AI-Powered Issue & Remediations

Identify patterns in issues and actions, view recommendations to categorize issues, and get the best possible action plans based on historical trends and business context.
AI-Powered Policy Search

Search policies based on searcher’s intent through contextual meaning by using a natural language processing (NLP) based semantic search.
AI-Powered Observations Triage

Leveraging AI-powered recommendations to classify observations as a case, incident, issue, or loss event, and route them for review, approval, and closure.
AI-Powered Risk Scoring of Third Parties

Automatically extract content from SOC2 and SOC3 reports, compute, and risk rank the third parties based on the number and type of anomalies in the report.  
AI-Powered Recommendations

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