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Healthcare Industry

Streamline Processes to Successfully Navigate Risk, Compliance, and Cyber Risk Challenges


Healthcare Industry

Measure Your Program Outcomes

  • 90%
  • reduction in the time taken to manage compliance activities

  • 80%
  • improvement in
    risk and control
    framework-related operational efficiency

  • 50%
  • decrease in compliance issues

Source: Based on MetricStream customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator
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Strengthen and Integrate Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The growing number of enterprise and third-party risks as well as industry-specific regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, mandates from Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, NAIC, and Affordable Care Act create multiple challenges for the healthcare industry. Additionally, the rapid digitalization of the sector has accelerated IT risks and cyber risks. Healthcare payers and providers need a strong system of connected governance, risk, and compliance management system. MetricStream streamlines, automates, and integrates governance, risk, and compliance processes across the healthcare enterprise. Effectively manage and mitigate risk in the healthcare industry, strengthen healthcare regulatory compliance, automate audits and improve the cyber risk posture.

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How MetricStream Software Solutions Help You

Policy Software MSI 2
Effectively Manage Regulatory Compliance

Successfully navigate the constantly evolving regulatory landscape with MetricStream Regulatory Compliance that provides a flexible approach to ensure compliance across the enterprise. Gain an integrated approach to ensure compliance with both cross-industry regulatory requirements as well as healthcare-specific requirements. Leverage a centralized approach to manage healthcare compliance requirements, controls, perform assessments, manage policies and cases as well as track regulatory changes.

CyberGRC MSI 6
Strengthen Cyber Risk Management

Effectively safeguard the large amounts of personal healthcare data and prevent potential cyber-attacks and breaches of patient data with MetricStream IT and Cyber Risk Management. Adopt an enterprise approach to cyber risk and compliance management and gain full aggregated visibility into cyber risks, threats, vulnerabilities, compliance violations, and quantified risk exposures. Easily manage policies and controls and leverage advanced capabilities to mitigate and manage risks in the healthcare industry.

CyberGRC MSI 2
Gain Visibility into Vendor Risk

Improve operational effectiveness and enhance competitiveness with MetricStream Third-Party Risk Management. Proactively identify, manage, and mitigate the healthcare industry risks associated with a rapidly growing third-party ecosystem by enabling an integrated, real-time view of the risks across the enterprise. Leverage risk assessments, scoring, reporting, and risk mitigation across multiple risk domains including Operational, Data Privacy, Ethics & Corporate compliance, IP, Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Anti-Bribery, and Anti- Corruption, Financial, and others.

Improve Risk Visibility

Stay ahead of the rapidly changing post-pandemic risk environment and the fast-evolving government healthcare regulations landscape. With MetricStream’s Enterprise Risk Management adapt fast, ensure organizational resilience, and gain the agility required to manage and mitigate risks faster. Protect your healthcare enterprise by anticipating and managing risks in a holistic manner, and prioritizing risk mitigation actions. Make quick and informed decisions with advanced risk analytics, real-time reporting, and regulatory notifications.

Internal Audit Software MSI
Simplify Internal Audit Processes

Effectively manage internal audit in your healthcare organization with MetricStream Internal Audit. Centrally manage all audit projects, while executing a risk-based approach to audit that ensures prioritization based on risk rating. Simplify audit planning, scheduling, and execution to improve auditor productivity and enable better collaboration across audit teams. Gain real-time access to audit data, AI capabilities to manage audit issues, and intuitive graphical dashboards for a comprehensive picture of audits across the business.

How MetricStream Benefits Your Business

  • Ensure compliance across the enterprise, proactively minimize healthcare compliance violations and fines
  • Reduce data breaches and fines, gain real-time visibility into cyber risks and threat exposure
  • Gain a unified view of risk by managing and tracking risk metrics across business units
  • Improve vendor management and reduce vendor risks and threats with accurate real-time insights

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